30.04.2010 In May we'll be supporting Six Feet Under and Illdisposed on the Spring Session Tour in Austria.

03.03.2010 Our new members, René Spitzner (sampling) and Michael Mielke (bass), are finally getting honored by an own profle, also current picutres of our last gig have found their way onto the homepage. As an appetizer for our making-ofs two trailers are online now in the video section, the complete movies and some live material will follow soon. Tour dates for our shows in 2010 will be announced soon.
For legal reasons we have to refrain from using the banner of our sponsor - of course the link or our favorite game shop can still be found where it has been ever since without having financial advantages of any kind. At this point we would also like to ask everybody to take notice of our new imprint.
30.06.2009 Our studio recordings came to an successful end so far (and again Subway will notice the sudden losses!), now only post-production and sampling are pending. Our EP is coming with rapid strides and we don't promise too much when we say that especially our new song "This Means War", that debuted in the Rock It, will bomb away everything that tries to stop it. A few impressions from the studio in the form of pictures can be found in the gallery already.
01.06.2009 Many thanks to Uwe, Andi and the crew of Toxic Audio, who prepared the ground for an awesome show. We hope that in the eyes of everyone present we could live up to our announcement (at least we gave our best), what doesn't mean that's the end of the line, though! Pictures from the gig are online now and speak for themselves, however; Phosgene are on target.
27.04.2009 On May 16 the moshpit will become a trench and the stage a battlefield again, because Phosgene will be playing the Rock It again and if someone thinks that an intensification isn't possible anymore will be taught a lesson: Pardon will not be given, prisoners will not be taken. "THIS MEANS FUCKING WAR!" will be the motto for the evening and who wants to know what's meant by this has to come by and experience it for himself!
We also have a fixed date for our next studio session now: In June we'll be going to Heiko Enzinger's studio Ensonique again to record our long announced EP. By the time of the release miscellaneous merchandise will be available, too.
30.01.2009 "Ready, set, in your face!" Our last gig was a complete success and shows where Phosgene will be going on stage: more intensity, more brutality! The corresponding sound owes a lot to our drummer, who's probably got the hardest punch in the whole Metal world thanks to a steel-reinforced shoulder - the pleadings of the sound crew to be more gentle to the drumkit had little effect! Pictures are already available in the gallery, a video will follow soon.
Also our second studio session isn't far away anymore and as soon as we have finished our present song writing process we will continue the work on our EP. We are also discussing some Phosgene merchandise at the moment.
07.11.2008 Since we are getting more and more requests from non-German speaking countries, we decided to upload an international English version of our web site to keep all of our fans abroad equally informed.